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Lord's Prayer in Jases Lalal

From:John L. Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Friday, February 13, 2004, 22:53
Zabej Zassa
Lord's Prayer in Jases Lalal
(in "Malal" the new version with expanded verb forms
and with adpositions which have been adapted into more "native" forms.
(Originally the adpositions were very obviously Rihana-ye loanwords in most
The syntax is still under Rihana-ye influence with sov order.

Zabaj zasys babek lalab zazzanamaz
Holy father heaven-in your name holy-be-made (3rd sing
Babek xasas babvanaz
Your kingdom come (3rd sing future hortative)
Babek wawaw babsanamaz
Your justice be done (3rd sing future passive hortative)
Sasys jalah zasys
Earth-in like heaven-in
Babif y jazyw babef jazew gagog babhoz
To us this day-in our day's food give (2rd sing present hortative)
Fahah babef rakapoh tabkoz
And     our debts    forgive (2nd sing present hortative)
Jalah babaf babef rakaboh tabkyhy
As      we    our   debtors  forgive (1st pl. present)
Tadyd babof da xabvoz
Temptation-in us not lead (2nd sing.present hortative)
Davav dadyd kavav babof tabvoz
But evil from us deliver (2nd. sing.present hortative)
hahak babek xasas fahah xaxax fahah xazal
for   yours kingdom and royalpower and glory
habaweh habawyh
generations-of generations-in
John Leland


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