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Re: describing names

From:Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>
Date:Sunday, August 11, 2002, 15:05
> En réponse ŕ Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>:
> Well, welcome to the list! I'm usually the first to welcome newcomers but > here > the timing was very bad ;))) (you sent your mail a day I was going to visit > in- > laws, and yesterday evening when I came back the mail seemed to refuse to > work : > ((( ). Anyway, welcome!
Hello. I'm a bit late with responses because my mailer program confuses sometimes the mails attaching them to another but now I'll watch them more carefully and because I was in a riding camp.
> Well, first languages are always like that. You must begin somewhere after > all. > Funny enough, one of our most renowned conlangers on this list, Sally Caves, > started her language as a language of winged cats when she was 9. It seems > that > cats give quite a lot of inspiration here :)) .
Hihi :) Now that's just a civilization of animals -- and cats above all. I just created my lang for a sacred law table of them (the Great Convent, its a bit like the Koran or the Bible). It's a very important part of the story and i wanted to write some examples of its parts. Then it turned to a whole lang. and culture. And my writing became more serious. Yeah, the Great Convent caused everything.
> Well, I like the idea of basing a cat language on Egyptian. Strangely enough > it > fits quite well ;))) .
I simply love Egypt. Cat led me to Egypt, Egypt led me to Long Wer -- so the circle is complete :)
> Now you have to give an interlinear of it. Interestingly I already see that > cats seem to worship Egyptian gods, and that you even use the modern > reconstructions of Egyptian words! (like Ria corresponding to the modern > reconstruction Ria', traditional reconstruction Re' or Ra') I love it!
Um, not really. They accept most of the animal mythology about the creator (noyah) element, Ingonyama (it's a meyadhew word meaning fire-mother) and the destructor (szah) element Welenyama or LW Wiyanyama (water-mother) But as i said the basic vocabulary is from Egyptian (well not so many words but all I could find in Hungary in not-for-Egyptologists-books) and Ré/Ri(y)a/Ri(y)e [well, there's many variants of that name] means Sun. Even according to various cat sources, the early pre-dinastic Egyptians were the last people who could connect with animals and they borrowed many terms, words and the idea of their writing system invented by Noyah, a cat genius millions of years ago. (There's also a myth why man is untolerant with other animals but here I won't discuss it all.) -- Mau Ábrahám Zsófia alias Mau Rauszer | |