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ADMIN: Topic markers

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, May 19, 2006, 11:34
Hi fellow Conlangers!

Just to remind you of the system of our list's topic markers, here's
an overview:

We have four topic markers:

    OT          for any off-topic stuff.  This is the most important tag!
                Don't forget it!  Almost any off-topic stuff is welcome,
                as long as it is marked.

    CHAT        virtually the same as OT.  Maybe to mark that it is
                *chatty* off-topic stuff.

    THEORY      linguistic theory threads,

    USAGE       usage of language (most often for English, German, and Dutch,
                it seems, about pronunciation and grammar issues)

In order to recognise the tags, they must be written in capital
letters in the subject line, with a single colon after them and no
further decoration (no parens, brackets, braces, etc.)

Apart from the official topics that are recognised by the listserv
software, you may use others.  Although such posts are treated just
like those without a topic marker by the software, they help people
scanning the subject lines.  E.g. I used ADMIN here.

I am thinking about making this a (bi-)monthly automatic post because
usage declines after such a reminder, unfortunately often until the
next flame-war.




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