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Mutant English take two

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 28, 2004, 13:00
Mutant English gets a little closer to a firm
foundation, but with a slightly different historical
slant.  Ancient 21st Century English is traced into
the future as it mutates into Galactic Standard

Quote from web page:
Do You Understand This Sentence?

If you do, good for you. You may count yourself among
the few who are able to read Ancient English. The
story of how this obscure language spoken only on an
tiny unknown planet in the delta sector came to be the
Galactic Standard English (GSE) of our glorious empire
is a fascinating one. But this paper will limit itself
to exploring the changes in written English across the
span of the last few thousand years. While we must
touch occasionally on the subject of spoken English,
references to this interesting, but difficult subject
will be kept to a minimum.

English was once a single spoken language of a large
group of Earth humans and had, therefore, a single
manner of producing verbal sounds to convey the
language audibly. But, of course, not all sentient
races produce sound in the same manner and, indeed,
some do not produce sound at all. So while each race
must develop its own manner of speaking, or otherwise
exchanging English statements among themselves, the
primary role of Galactic Standard English is as a
means of written communication between the vast number
of different cultures and races that comprise the
modern empire. Modern commerce and trade would not be
possible without our common language which is written

More at
plus fun historical facts about the 22nd century "dark
age", and the cultural contributions that Earth
eventually made to galactic civilization.



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