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Re: my all-verb language (warning, LONG)

From:Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...>
Date:Monday, March 8, 2004, 20:06
What do you do for more "oblique" relatives? Things like "the room where /
in which I am singing" or "the person to / for whom I am singing".

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Rachel Klippenstein wrote:
>If we add the "nominally relative subject" forms to cwrian-, we get >things like the following: >Intransitive: >cwrian-no /kurjan:no/ "he who sings/is singing" / "the singer" >cwrian-co /kurjanko/ "I who sing/am singing" / "I, the singer" >cwrian-wo /kurjanwo/ "you who sing/are singing" / "you, the singer" >Transitive: >cwrian-mom /kurjanmom/ "they who (are) sing(ing) them" >cwrian-coh /kurjankox/ "I who (am) sing(ing) it" >cwrian-ioh /kurjanjox/ "youguys who (are) sing(ing) it"
>What about nominal relative object forms? Added to cwrian-, they >produce forms like this: >cwrian-meom /kurjanmeom/ "those [songs] that they are singing" >cwrian-ceoh /kurjankeox/ "it/that [song] that I am singing" >cwrian-ieoh /kurjanjeox/ "it/that [song] that youguys are singing"