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Re: Triphthongs

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Saturday, August 12, 2000, 1:53
Roger Mills <romilly@...> wrote:

>Quite a few in Spanish (someone already mentioned _buey_) involving the 2d >pers. pl. ending: cambiáis, cambiéis, continuáis etc.-- though that form is >not widely used.
Aside from those I can only gather _hioides_ (that's a bone), and the surname _Vieytes_. But I'm not sure you can call those triphthongs; if so, what would English _way_ be? (In fact, that would be a discussion about whether Spanish [j] and [w] are mere allophones of [i] and [u], or separate phonemes as in English). --Pablo Flores "Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness." (George Santayana)