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Re: Basic vocabulary when starting a conlang

From:Roberto Suarez Soto <ask4it@...>
Date:Saturday, August 31, 2002, 19:48
On Aug/31/2002, Philip Newton wrote:

> duplicate. For example, there are a number of languages which need no > copula (so "I doctor" means "I *am* a doctor"), so "to be" is not
Ehm ... "copula"? :-m I'm afraid I don't know what it means O:-) (I know a meaning for "copula", but it's not very linguistic related; or maybe it is, if you take it in a literal sense as part of the proccess ;-)) Could you elaborate a bit on this, please?
> Again, you can decide what distinctions to make. Will you distinguish between > formal and informal pronouns for second (and possibly third) person? Will
Well, that's something that doesn't belong to my question :-) I just wanted to have a good starting point to think about :-) Thanks for your answer :-) -- Roberto Suarez Soto


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