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Re: Basic vocabulary when starting a conlang

From:bnathyuw <bnathyuw@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 3, 2002, 8:45
 --- "Thomas R. Wier" <trwier@...>
> > Okay, whatever. One does wonder, though, how long > the language > would exist in actual use without some such word. >
well, as i've said, it might borrow terms from another language. it could also paraphrase the idea ( which would be useful in making it clear what is actually meant by 'god' . . . cf the huge range of concepts that can have the label attached to them in english, from the olympian soap opera thro the monotheist creator to some philosophical descriptions which focus for example on first cause, perfection or transcendence ). i don't see what's wrong about talking about 'the creator' or 'the transcendental being' or whatever if you want to refer to a particular concept of 'god', but i'm not taking the concept as primitive, as it isn't in my mind and i don't see why it should be in my language
> > > > ( it borrows specific religions' terms when it > needs to > > > > refer to their deities, and would probably > nick > > > > the latin |deo| if referring to the western > concept of > > > > god > > > > > > Surely you mean "latinate", since the Latin word > for > > > "god" is _deus_ (_deo_ only in the ablative and > dative > > > singular). > > > > sorry to confuse you. i was quoting the stem form > > rather than the nominative. bac borrows stems, > rather > > than dictionary reference forms, and in general i > > prefer to quote these forms anyway > > > > i would have put a hyphen after it, but i thought > it > > was easier as the spelling is the same ( for once > ) in > > bac and latin to do without > > Okay, except that the stem is _de-_, followed by a > thematic vowel -o-, which itself may be followed > by the various declensional endings. (Or, the > thematic > vowel morph may be lost, e.g., in the genitive > singular, > _dei_, and the irregular dative plural _di:s_. In > either > case, the stem is _de-_.) >
fair enough, except that the loss of the thematic vowel is i think a bit of a distraction. i think there's also a case that the _root_ |de| produces the two noun _stems_ |dea| and |deo| with the thematic vowels characteristic of the first and second noun declensions integrated ( altho these vowels may be lost or altered in certain circs ), and that if we're picking out the western notion of a patriarchal unideity ( or whatever the word is in a monotheistic system ) it's appropriate to use the masculine stem feel free to discredit my analysis. i'm sticking to my guns on how i borrow words ! bn ===== bnathyuw | landan | arR stamp the sunshine out | angelfish your tears came like anaesthesia | phèdre __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Everything you'll ever need on one web page from News and Sport to Email and Music Charts