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Re: CHAT: Johannes (jara: Daniel and Andreas)

From:João Ricardo Oliveira <hokstein@...>
Date:Friday, March 7, 2003, 21:49
Well, we do have a João, although I'm just lurking for now. :-)

João Ricardo Oliveira
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  From: Jan van Steenbergen 
  Sent: Friday, March 07, 2003 2:42 PM
  Subject: CHAT: Johannes (jara: Daniel and Andreas)

  Okay, you asked for it! :)) Let's add a few then :)

  Yann, Jens, Johann, Hans, Jón, Jussi (not sure about this one), Jean, Giovanni,
  Juan, João, János, Iannis... Not to mention Jovan and Jevan (Hattic).

  The following variations can be encountered here in The Netherlands:
  Jan, Johan, Johannes, Janus Hans, Jo, Joan, Joannes, Johanny, Johannie, Jon,
  Joop, Jakke, Jantje, Janco, Jannig(he), Janis, Janje, Janke, Janko,
  Janneman(neke), Jannes, Jannesjan, Jannis, Janno, Jans, Janus(sie), Jeen,
  Jen(tje), Jenne(ke), Sjang, Sjonnie, Han, Hannes, Hanske, Henne, Hennes.
  (these are only Dutch forms; imported forms, like "John" are also very popular

  Ton Spruijt, "Johannes. Het groot Jannenboek" (Amsterdam/Antwerpen, 2001)