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First Language Creation Conference: Registration

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Monday, February 27, 2006, 6:14
The First Language Creation Conference will be held Sunday, April 23rd
2006, from 9am to 5pm. It will be in the Tilden Room on the 5th floor
of the Martin Luther King Student Union, at Telegraph Avenue &
Bancroft Way, Berkeley CA. This is the tall building with a balcony
directly adjacent to the intersection, on UC Berkeley campus.

There are several hotels within walking and bussing distance, and
unregulated street parking is available about 15 minutes walk / 5
minutes bus ride away (past Telegraph & Alcatraz or University &
California). Vegetarian food will be available, and the event is fully

Below is the updated registration form. If you are interested in
coming to the conference, please email it to me at
with the subject line: Conlangs Conference Registration

If you are interested in talking or participating in a panel, please
email me ASAP. There is still space available.

There will be space available for freeform distribution of flyers,
announcements, and the like; if you want to take advantage of this,
please bring your own materials and let me know.

This will be posted to LJ Conlangs, ZBB, Brown's CONLANG, and LJ
ucb_lcs. Please forward this to all other applicable lists or people.

<i>For ME (information not to be released):</i>
Your name(s)
Email (for mailing list)
Are you willing to volunteer (e.g., setup/takedown, gopher, flyering,
registration, etc)
$ you can donate (requested door fee will be $5-25 as you are able,
but noone turned away for lack of funds)
Organizations, universities, or businesses that might be willing to
help sponsor the conference
If interested in ridesharing, your location
Adaptions or needs I should know about
Are you interested in buying a T-shirt?
Where did you hear about this conference?

<i>For inclusion in the program (will be given to all attendees), for
each person attending: (please answer exactly as you would like it to
appear in the program)</i>
Affiliation(s) / Organizations you are officially representing
Conlang(s) known / created / worked on:
Aspects of language creation you're interested in / 'school' of conlanging:
Website / email / contact info:
"Talk to me about..." / general blurb (freeform space, ~2 lines' worth):

<i>If you're interested in participating as a speaker or panelist:</i>
Topic title
Topic abstract (one paragraph)
One-paragraph 3rd-person bio

<i>OPTIONAL but highly recommended:</i>

You get 1-2 freeform 8.5"x11" pages PER PERSON ATTENDING, to use as
you like. The intention is that you create a showoff page for your
language(s) (eg Omniglot's style comes to mind). These will be printed
as part of the program pamphlet, and given to all attendees.

This is basically a free-form thing - fill those 1-2 pages however you
like. However, there are a couple restrictions:
* nothing offensive or anti-(insert other party/conlang/etc here)
* nothing overtly commercial (but you can eg point to your new book,
or another con, or an open house, etc)
* nothing conglomerated / non-personal - e.g. not OK to have a few
people band together to get extra space as a group. These are to be
INDIVIDUAL expressions.

My idea is that these will be used to show off your language, or your
philosophy, or other reasons why people should hunt you down and talk
to you - without having to take time (and create the danger of a
flamewar) in conference space per se. You can be partisan if you like,
just not anti- (if you get the distinction).

I would prefer PDF, PNG or Word DOC format. Please leave a 1" margin
on all sides. I will add your name and page number as a header, but
any other content you must add yourself. If you specifically want to
be in a particular layout (i.e. front/back side of a page vs
left/right of a spread), let me know.

If you have any questions, email me.

Have fun with it.


Sai Emrys <sai@...>