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Unahoban language

From:Roberto Suarez Soto <ask4it@...>
Date:Thursday, September 12, 2002, 20:51
        Ok, first of all: it's my first conlang, so don't be too cruel
with it :-)

        I've settled the basis of a language called Unahoban. I'd put
the IPA equivalence if I knew it O:-) I'll use it for a RPG project I'm
doing with some friends. I've tried to be original, but I think that it
has a few clear influences: Tolkien, spanish, and english. Maybe a few
other that I'm not aware of :-) The funny thing is that I tried not to
do some Tolkien-alike thing, but ... well, I really believe that I read
too many times Tolkien literature and I'm "contaminated" (sp?) beyond
hope :-)

        You can check it at:

        The layout of the page is quite messy, because I never thought
it would grow more than a few words for RPG-ing :-) It has only a few
words yet, but maybe I'll add a few more with time.

        All criticisms and suggestions about everything, from the
language itself to layout, structure or writing, are encouraged. Just
try not to be too rude ;-) Remember it's only a draft, and nothing
serious to begin with :-) It lacks a few things yet, and one of them is
a good revision. But I was eager to know what the "veterans" thought
about it :-)

        What I learned doing this: my next conlang will have no
conjugations, no number and no gender. It's a big headache to do that,
and it never feels "right" to me %-) :-D

        Roberto Suarez Soto


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