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thanks (Re: The Pronunciation of {hsara})

From:iisem :P <iisem@...>
Date:Friday, October 15, 1999, 6:55
In a message dated 10/14/99 11:31:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
bsarempt@REMPT.XS4ALL.NL writes:

<< On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, iisem :P wrote:

 > also, i've heard of a book "The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language"  to
 > is that book geared towards?  the more learne'd of the layman?  (sincere
 > appologies for my English)

 It's a reasonable book for the layman - won't give you a real good
 grounding, though, for that you perhaps have to start with one of
 the numerous introductions to language and linguistics. Bloomfield's
 Language and Lyon's Theoretical Linguistics are getting a bit long in
 the tooth, but Bollinger's Aspects of Language is still a reasonable
 choice. I once even came across A Teach Yourself Linguistics book ;-).
 Oh, and Describing Language... by Graddol et al is very usable, too:
 published by the Open University Press - I guess that that's the best
 book for the beginning conlanger.

 But by all means buy the Encyclopeadia, you will never regret it.

thank you Boudewijn,

i guess i'm going to have to go shopping on the weekend.  perhaps it/they may
give me more ideas on how to further modify and define Aniese.  as for now, i
don't think i can even classify it... yet.  heh heh :)

oel oushean!