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Re: Personality Type / Myers Briggs (was: Philotype)

From:Jeff Jones <jeffsjones@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 25, 2001, 3:19
On Sun, 23 Sep 2001 13:09:55 +0200, daniel andreasson
<danielandreasson@...> wrote:

>[ I'm resending this, since it seems my messages are > reaching the list again. At least the test message > did. Sorry if you get this twice.]
> >The test that n e v e r applies to me is that Personality Type / >Myers Briggs / Jung / ISTJ/ENFP / whatever test. > >Whenever I take that test I get a different result. I always feel >I could be either/or for every question. Does anyone else experience >the same thing? I think we've discussed this before. > >These are pairs you have to choose between. For me it's impossible. >I'm almost always both. Examples: > >think out loud YES >think before they act YES > >like to be around people a lot YES >are comfortable spending time alone YES > >are easily distracted YES >have good concentration YES > >admire practicality YES >admire creativity YES > >focus on the facts & specifics YES >focus on ideas & the big picture YES > >are more realistic - see what is YES >are more imaginative - see possibilities YES > >are objective YES >get their feelings hurt easily YES > >are motivated by achievement YES >are motivated by being appreciated YES > >like to make plans YES >like to wait-and-see YES > >like to finish projects best YES >like to start projects best YES > >Is there something wrong with this test or is there something >wrong with me? Perhaps this is common to conlangers, being a >little of both?
I've had the same problem with that kind of test. I suspect that conlangers are a little less naive with regard to language than whoever makes up those tests. Jeff
>||| daniel