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Re: Shoebox!

From:Jeff Sheets <wickedbob@...>
Date:Thursday, July 20, 2000, 21:00
In a message dated 7/20/00 12:36:31 PM Central Daylight Time, bpj@NETG.SE

> Has anyone attempted implementing soundchanges in Shoebox? So far all my > attempts have implemented headache in me ony!
My current project takes root phonemes and applies a sound changes rule file to them, which more often than not drastically changes the pronunciation. In my previous post I gave the example of: \uf feg - qin - lo - as - yu \sf feqrinlez \mg admit - future - complete - I - PL You can see that the combination of g-q becomes qr, the combination of o-a becomes e, and the combination of s-yu becomes z. The trick is to study the folder Adapt, in the samples folder of shoebox. I have had some weird crashing problems when using this, but overall, not enough to make me annoyed. And it works. You can apply as many sets of changes as you want, so you can look at the series of steps between major sound changes, and can even diverge from a previous lineage to create new related words in new languages. Having the lookup feature recognize different forms is perhaps the only difficult thing to do, but it forces you to be VERY thorough when writing your lexicon. Not a bad thing in my book.
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