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Re: Etruscan and other fun?

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Sunday, September 25, 2005, 14:56
Andreas Johansson skrev:
> Quoting R A Brown <ray@...>: > > >>Michael Adams wrote: > > [snippage] > >>>Me, still trying to figure out how much of Norse myth is more two cultures >>>colliding, and mixing.. >> >>Eh? What's this to do with migrations into and out of Asia Minor/ >>Anatolia? I'll leave this for our Nordic conlangers to deal with (if >>they are so minded). > > > I suppose he might be thinking of the idea that the myth* of the war between the > Aesir and the Vanir reflects a takeover of Scandinavia by a people from > Anatolia. Snorri, IIRC, asserts that Odin was an Anatolian conman who managed > to set up himself as god-king at Uppsala. That's assuming that Snorri's > "Turkland" is indeed Anatolia.
Snorri placed Oðinn on the lower course of the river Don in present-day Ukraine, which was indeed home to the Kipçak Turks in his day.
> I think there's every reason to think that Snorri was indulging in a bit of > historizing rationalization of older stories. As a Christian, he pretty much > had to explain Odin as either a demon or as an apotheoisized human.
Indeed, and he chose the latter option.
> * I should perhaps say story, since there's AFAIK nothing to indicate it was > ever a myth in the technical sense.
There is every reason to believe Snorri made up the story himself.
> Andreas > >
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