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Re: Preview of a New Non-Linear, Morpho-Phonemic Writing System

From:John Quijada <jq_ithkuil@...>
Date:Saturday, October 29, 2005, 15:57
Henrik Theiling wrote:
>> Here is the first example above showing a flat monochromatic version, as >> it would appear in texts: >> > >Another question: how will complex sentences with a lot of nested >substructures look like? Have you elaborated an ordering rule for
>larger structures? > >**Henrik >=========================================================================
The diagram below, for example, shows how a subordinated sentence would be shown, where a secondary verb column is behind the overlapping verb column of the main sentence. The secondary verb column is overlapped by its own arguments as well, while a noun from the main clause acting as the head for the subordinate clause would overlap both verb columns. Other nested structures (e.g., noun-to-noun appositions) are shown by a noun cartouche overlapping another noun cartouche. The glyphs within the cartouches specify the relationship by showing case. Colors of the cartouches themselves will also be indicating topic and focus, if any. If side-to-side overlapping of the cartouches becomes too "crowded", it will be possible to orient the direction of overlapping vertically downward, so that an extremely complex sentence might appear as a long vertical structure with attendant arguments as "arms" protruding laterally as they overlap their verbs, rather than as a more centrally jumbled conglomeration. As soon as I have finished mapping the individual components (glyph values, colors, shapes, alignments) to individual morphemes, I will translate and construct a complex sentence to demonstrate the process and post it. --John Q.