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OFFTOPIC & FLAMEFREE RE: [CONLANG] America's unfolding history

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Saturday, September 15, 2001, 3:09
Douglas Koller writes:
> Mario wrote: > > >As one whose aunt is still missing, I feel that the strong emotions that have > >been on this list are justified in many respects. Whatever the US > decides to > >do we will still be condemed for doing it regardless of whether we're in the > >right or not. The problem is that the US is always blamed and never thanked. > >I recieved this article that points this out. > > Ray (of the UK) expressed his thanks, and that's enough for me. > Surely he is not a lone voice in the wilderness.
Given that Doug values Ray's expression of his sentiments and given that in these emotionally fraught times we have license to stray from linguistic topics, let me say that in Britain, and, I see from the television news, the rest of Europe, there is indeed the great anxiety about US foreign policy in the Middle East that James expresses (as there is within the US itself, too), but there is also towards the US a profound sense of love, gratitude, admiration, fraternity and shared grief. Unfortunately, the inestimable virtues and friendship of the US are so much taken for granted in Europe that an inordinately large proportion of Europeans think only to carp at, criticize and condemn the US. But this week has assuredly shaken Europe out of this unconscionable and inexcusable complacency and forced it to strive to articulate these deeper and better attitudes towards America. Speaking personally, never a week goes by without me feeling grateful to and for America for one thing or another, including most of my favourite things, such as -- freedom from tyranny, - the survival of some portions of my family, - _Friends_, - PCs, - the internet, - almost all of the best work in linguistics, - Lojban, - and, most emphatically, many individuals, inspiringly humane people and friends, some of whom I met on this list. And to those who may feel aggrieved at the political and offtopic nature of this message: surely you will excuse it as doing, under current circumstances, less harm than good? --And.