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Amanda's choice (was: Re: Conlang T Shirt)

From:Daniel Andreasson <noldo@...>
Date:Sunday, October 31, 1999, 12:06
Amanda Babcock wrote:

> I'm trying to decide which language to send my sentence in. Which =
> the best?
> dage tageaty d'esop'n neam > toma ilom delye teryek arya > nonbitandelenadezanan tanlikinekame
Well, looking only at the phonology, I'd say the middle one. But that's only because I really really like the {ly} and {ry} combinations. (And {ty}, {ny} and {hy} as well). I have a phonology fixation (I wonder how Freud would explain that :) The middle one looks and sounds so nice.
> The first one is in a quirky, inconsistent personal language. The =
> one is from a medium-developed sketch of a language with more =
> to it, written under the influence of LeGuin's Kesh, high-school =
> and an article (from Scientific American?) about Creole grammars. The > last one is from an old sketch in which I tried to make a language =
> nouns :)
Why not take all three? :) But judging from this explanation I would choose the first one, since it seems to be the most personal and quirky one. It probably is the best conlang to represent you. Am I right? But the middle one seems more developed and the third kinda interesting having no nound. This isn't helping you one bit is it? :) Is there a website where one might check these conlangs out, or do you mind sending some info to the list? Daniel Andreasson