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numbers from your conlangs :Aryezi Numbers!

From:Akhilesh Pillalamarri <valardil@...>
Date:Thursday, October 30, 2003, 20:28

I do not seem to recall your request. I am sorry. You may find that my numbers
are derived from indo european roots. Where may I see the results of this?

Old Aryezi: Ir, Duo, Trayas, Kwerg, Fief, Suth, Sweht, Ut, Nor, Dum
Middle Aryezi: Ir, Duo, treyas, ag, viv, sud, swet, 'ut, nor, dum
New Aryezi : Ir, Duo, Treyas, Ag, Viv, Sud, Zved, 'Ut, Nea, Dved

Arzori: Er, Dwe, Zreya, Kwar, Piev, Sut, Sved, Udh, Nyr, Deim
Arbagyi: Ir, Due, Trayo, Ej, Iv, Syud, Zvet, 'Ut, Nora, Dume
Arsesi: Ir, Dua, Zreya, Ej, Ev, Syud, Zvez, 'Ud, Nora, Dumo
Ethira : Ira, Duoa, Zryeha, Ev, Vav, Sue, Dzats, Ut, Nyra, Dhemei
Khoraz: Iyar, Duyo, Reya, Hasir, Aved, Sameg, Zwada, Udt, Nir, Dim
Ardori: Ir, Duo, Tryas, Ag, Viev, Sudt, Zved, 'Uth, Neya, Dvum

The rest of my languages follow a similar pattern, all belonging to the "Arnore"
family of languages. Numbers are given in order from One to Ten. The Aryezi
words for zero and 100 happen to be "Sen and Syus"


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