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Re: Why we don't discuss auxlangs on CONLANG list

From:Logical Language Group <lojbab@...>
Date:Thursday, November 5, 1998, 20:10
>> The idea is to get the customer saying yes, yes, yes, this is good, yes I >> would like that, and while they are saying yes, instead of no, slip in an "o >> I'll write you up an order, ok?" Yes, the customers says before he realizes >> what has happened. At least, that's what all the sales classes, courses, >> books, articles, etc. teach. It's called "sales technique". > >It never works on me. I start with "I refuse to buy your product until >and unless it meets the following criteria"--and then I don't buy until >it does.
And by definition, if there are merely 2 people who think like you in the world and you do not agree, then a universal auxlang is impossible. The auxlanger is better off writing you off as a lost sale and targetting others who are more open-minded. In general, posts on the net are NOT aimed at convincing the recipient, but at convincing the audience. (That auxlang posters do poorly at this remains true for the most part). lojbab