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Re: Saprutum

From:Mario Bonassin <zebuleon@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 8:45
andrew wrote:

> > I seem to remember someone here mentioning a work on Proto-Semitic by the > > same people who have that index of Indo-European roots in the back of > > their English dictionary. > > > The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. There is a > link to their online list of semitic roots at > . I haven't looked at the semitic roots, > but the indo-european roots have been a resource for several of us. > > - andrew.
I was just reading over the intro stuff about semitic languages then went to the page on Akkadian and realized that the language I have been working on for the last few days is very semitic, and it wasn't even intentional. I will have to study this further perhaps I will find more things to use :) Mario