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Languages we like the sound of [was: favorite aspects of conlanging]

From:T. Leigh/M. Carchrie <callanish@...>
Date:Thursday, June 28, 2001, 12:21
Beldëa everyone,

Amber Adams <amber@...> wrote:
> On a related note, that makes me wonder, what languages do you all consider > "pretty"? Or, maybe not pretty, but just like the sound of? The kind that > makes you go to realaudio sites and listen to the news broadcasts, not for > content, but just to listen to the sounds of the language... > Or maybe I'm the only one who does that. ;)
Cool! I thought *I* was the only one who does that! :-) Personal favorites which I listen to on a frequent basis are Gaelic (all varieties), Maltese, Faroese, Georgian, Kurdish, Estonian, Welsh, Indonesian, Afrikaans. Here's a list of my favorite sites for language listening, for the benefit of anyone on the list who might not have come across them: Voice of America: BBC World Service: Radio Sweden International: BBC Alba: BBC Cymru: Raidió na Gaeltachta: Radju Malta 2: Útvarp Føroya: SABC News: Have fun and happy listening, everyone! Oh, BTW: this is off topic, but for anyone who's interested there's a new Irish-language e-zine called Beo ("Alive") at It's quite nice and attractively done, IMO. Plus, it has glossaries and explanations for learners of the language at the end of each article! And there's also a Welsh-language newspaper (Y Cymro, "The Welshman") at Would that were something similar for the other Celtic languages! :( Regards to all, Thomas Leigh


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