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Re: Weekly Vocab 31

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 17, 2003, 10:10
Surá nda takatunu:

> Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...> wrote: > > Thank you, Yitzik. I didn't ask for that much :-) Yes, I got that idea from > Malgache, Swedish, Portuguese
I find it convenient. All in all, Norman scribes used |o| for [U] next to n, m, v et sim. to avoid "fences" of iiiiiiii, as in _love_ ["lUv@] < OE _lufu_, _sone_ ["sUn@] < OE _sunu_ 'son' etc. :))
> I had a strange idea to > make the script look even more round: use d, b, q, g instead of t, p, k and > ng---and make the alphabet: a, b, d, g, i, r, m, n, o, q, s.
Bah, that's really weird...
> Quite apart from that, I was wondering: there's a current thread about a new > conlang that is default perfective/resultive and sounds quite > Indonesian/Kash. Is it yours or Dan Sulani's?
It's mine. And it's deliberately imitating some Austronesian patterns. Unfortunately, I've got helluva job right now (to finish a semester being a teacher is even worse than being a student!), so it remains mostly an idea than a project of flesh and blood (should I say 'of parchment and ink'?). Moreover, I made a nice Chanukah gift for myself: a photocopy of Segert's "The Ugaritic Language" and Schifman's "The Phoenician Language". So I start thinking about returning to one my 'one-more-Semitic' project... -- Yitzik