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Re: A little entertainment

From:Irina Rempt <ira@...>
Date:Monday, March 20, 2000, 19:42
On Sun, 19 Mar 2000, Padraic Brown wrote:

> On Sun, 19 Mar 2000, Sally Caves wrote:
> >Or 5. Change the syntax of the subclause. In Teonaht > >it mirrors that of the main clause: > > > > > Or, even, in some forms of T: > > Il lorfa-vim rinil beto revpomennyve elry ke. > > The she-wolf with-eating-of-the-boy I saw. > > WHEW! > > Eka-he welham-cam paratahatomtel wehhetim. > I-and wolf-the boy-eating-LOC saw
Both of you, does that mean "I saw the she-wolf that had eaten the boy" or "I saw the she-wolf eating the boy"? vethea chalun lea hanea cronesat wolf-acc-s see-PST-1s REL boy-acc-s eat-PRF-PRS-3s "I saw the wolf that had eaten the boy" implying that the boy had been devoured before I saw the wolf, or vethea chalun lea hanea cronat wolf-acc-s see-PST-1s REL boy-acc-s eat-PRS-3s "I saw the wolf that ate the boy" implying that the meal was in progress when I saw it. On a side note, Valdyan nests relative clauses only when they apply to the subject, not when they apply to the object: veth lea hanea cronesat dosta mustynat wolf-nom-s REL boy-acc-s eat-PRF-PRS-3s dog-acc-s fight-PNC-PRS-3s "The wolf that has eaten the boy fights the dog" but this veth dosta mustynat lea hanea cronesat wolf-nom-s dog-acc-s fight-PNC-PRS-3s REL boy-acc-s eat-PRF-PRS-3s can only mean "The wolf fights the dog that has eaten the boy" and this is ungrammatical: * veth dosta lea hanea cronesat mustynat wolf-nom-s dog-acc-s REL boy-acc-s eat-PRF-PRS-3s fight-PNC-PRS-3s If the antecedent is the object of the relative clause, it's resumed by the object pronoun _le_: veth lea dost le mustynat hanea cronesat wolf-nom-s REL dog-nom-s RES fight-PRS-3s boy-acc-s eat-PRF-PRS-3s "The wolf that the dog fights has eaten a/the boy" even when it's also the object of the main clause: vethea chalan lea dost le mustynat wolf-acc-s see-PRS-1s REL dog-nom-s RES fight-PRS-3s "I see the wolf that the dog fights" Irina -- Varsinen an laynynay, saraz no arlet rastynay. (myself) - (Valdyas) (home)