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Voicing and Plurality

From:Jake X <alwaysawake247@...>
Date:Thursday, June 13, 2002, 20:48
Hi all,

I was thinking about my latest (as yet unnamed) conlang, and I've had a few
ideas about voicing.
First of all, here is the system of affixed pronouns:

. . . . Sing. . . . Plural
First. . to. . . . . do
Second. .so. . . . . sho*
Third. . ko. . . . . .go

*I used -sho- for you pl. because zo is to easy to confuse with so.

As you can see, the pl. pronoun particles are voiced versions (except sho)
of their singular counterparts. I've been thinking of extending that to form
plural nouns (which until then were only indicated by the plurality of the
verb). Does anyone know of any other langs with this feature (voiced
plurality)? The only thing I can think of are some german plurals that use
an umlaut as the change (IMO |oe| is phonetically isolated from |o|, but
connected through notation).

More about the new lang when I write more. BTW, I treat all words as verbs
(albeit with different subclasses) among two conjugations, but I'm
reconsidering the noun/verb distinction.


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