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Re: TECH HELP: downloading/printing pdf's

From:Elyse M. Grasso <emgrasso@...>
Date:Saturday, July 3, 2004, 23:23
On Saturday 03 July 2004 09:35 am, Roger Mills wrote:
> Haven't tried this previously-- what does one do? Will it work? The pdf in > question is full of IPA and other special characters. Also, when it first > comes up on my screen, it's teeny-tiny (entire page smaller than a business > card), and I have to magnify it a lot. Would it be necessary to magnify > before printing? or would it print OK anyway? (Also, an important portion of > it is in landscape format.) > > OTOH it was published in 1993 (Oceanic Ling.)-- maybe I should just ask the > UM library for a xerox??
Printing should be fine: part of the point of the pdf format is that all of the font information is carried along in the file. Anything you can see on the screen should also come out of the printer (especially postscript printers, since pdf is an Adobe format, but I'm sure HP compatible printers make an effort to do the right thing). The magnification should be fine, too. The on-screen viewers tend to try to squeeze as much of the image onto the screen as possible, But that doesn't necessarily reflect the "actual" image size. You might want to check the settings for your viewer and see if you can set a preference for 100% images that you have to scroll around in rather tham microtext that minimizes scrolling. -- Elyse Grasso The World of Cherani Station Cherani Tradespeech