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Re: Lexicon storage methodology (was: Lexicon counting...)

From:Iain E. Davis <feaelin@...>
Date:Thursday, September 7, 2006, 3:21
> Excel opens the file more easily. But when I save an Unicode > table as .CSV, and the I open it again, every accent is > messed up. What I'm thinking to do is to edit it in
Now that would be annoying. I've not export to CSV and back again. I wonder if exporting to XML and back would have the same issues. Although that may not be helpful for what you're wanting to do. :)
> transcription... easier than adding macros... and writing > another function for converting it back to Unicode. But I'm > playing with an online editor for the dictionary, then I > could forget other programs. But they are useful for mass > editing and that sort of thing.
Indeed. And easy filtering, querying, sorting, of the reasons that my PHP-based approach never went very far. I didn't want to give up Excel. :)
> Thanks! It's not that well constructed, I just know how > to use the plaster, ehehehe. The code is chaos, I almost see > the primeval deities while editing it.
*grin*. I know the feeling. I was just looking at the PHP I wrote, and found it...messy. Very clearly 'just thrown together'. Akin to building a house by flinging bricks into a hole.
> You mean, even if two Taraitola words go to the same English > one, each output is counted as a separated entry? Hmm... you > could do first an Taraitola > English table/matrix, and then > collapse the entries with the same fields: > > Taraitola - English > blabla1 - blabla2 > blabla3 - blabla2 > > to > > English - Taraitola > blabla2 - blabla1, blabla3
That, is in fact, what I should do. I've just been too lazy to actually automate it. Or manually re-edit after generating. I rarely generate anymore, since I tend to just use the spreadsheet.
> > I currently don't have such an animal, but maybe I should > put it on my > > horizon. :) > > > Such an animal?
My apologies. An idiom meaning...I don't have that type of thing. Another variant is 'there is no such animal' indicating that whatever is being discussed is mythical, non-existent. Like say, a flying pig.
> Mine are: form, class, derivation, conjugation, aspect (of > the verbal root), genre, declension type, portuguese meaning, > english meaning, sureness ; ), revision, Pokorny (as it is an
Useful for someone who doesn't understand portugese, for example (me!) I might be able to get a vague idea, but I'd have to resort to the english to be sure.
> myself, but I am so happy when my verbs look like the vedic > ones ; ). Anohow, that will hurt, I can feel already ; )
Nothing like a new idea or change that involves going through your entire list making changes or adding new data to every entry. Usually not the more enjoyable part of conlanging. :) Iain


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