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Re: I'm all, then he's all (Was Re: English diglossia (was Re: retroflex consonants)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, February 2, 2003, 22:14
James Landau wrote:
 >Kankonian actually has a word for this. The word is "sen", and the entry for
it in the dictionary is "said -- informal word used in reënacting a
conversation". The dictionary goes on to give this example sentence:

  >Mui wan sen, "Ar kardasas hiel?", yau is sen, "Dani".
  And he's all, "What do you think?, then I'm all, "Cool".

  (snip very interesting exs. & discussion)

 >Did anyone else include slang words in your conlangs that would be able to
translate English terms like these?

 Well, thanks for a very stimulating post. It got me thinking, at last, about
colloquialisms/slang in Kash. Here's a relevant one:

  "to say" is _kota_ (also means 'word')
 Correct: makota 'I say..." makotasa "I said..." makotato 'I will say...";
hakota 'you say...' yakota 'he/she says...' etc.
  Usual:  makota, hakota...etc.  for all tenses
 Common, permissible (vb plus possessive): kotami 'I say/said...' kotati 'you
say/said...kotani 'he/she/they say/said... etc. (lit. my saying ~my word etc.)

  Slangy, considered substandard (along with tendency to drop some initial syllables):
  tani roughly equiv. to 'says..., goes... is like...' etc with new conjugated forms
  matani, katani (ha- > ka-, more slang), tani  or
  tanimi, taniti, sometimes tanini but more often just tani

  Just one goody from a 3-page outline.