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CHAT: Misc. OT CHAT: Temperature et al.

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, August 2, 2002, 3:08
Barry Garcia wrote:
>Out here in California, temperature extremes are much more significant >inland versus coast......
In Indonesia, and probably throughout the tropics, nearness to the sea, island size, and _especially_ elevation are the important factors. Jakarta and Surabaya (sea-level) were hell-holes at all times. Malang (E.Java) where I lived, was up about 500m or so and had a delightful climate, even in the rainy season. In colonial days it was a favored resort/retirement area-- rather like the hill stations in Brit. India. There was a real "resort" another 100-200m up, Selecta, which had a faded hotel and a big swimming pool. The water up there was very cold, and at night, fog settled in the valleys and Selecta seemed to be floating on clouds. Bali was always pleasant, even at sea-level. Makassar, another sea-level metropolis, was mostly bearable, probably because directly on the sea. However it poured rain for 3 solid weeks during one of my stays. Up in Tanah Toraja (the town of Rantepao is almost 1000m) we slept under heavy blankets, though during the day it was T-shirts and shorts....... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I just got one of those stupid African banking "opportunity" e-mails, this from the "Standard Corporate Merchant Bank of South Africa Ltd." or SCMB, whihc I imediately took to stand for SCUMBAG. Apologies for being so utterly OT.