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Re: Asian-ness (was Re: "Whiteness" Re: Obseneties)

From:Jonathan Jones <jonathan.jones@...>
Date:Sunday, September 3, 2000, 10:11
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> I talked to my father about this. He just said it's a symptom of
> whole-hearted embrace of Western _bok qwai_ materialistic values. > "They worship the Western religion of the Machine. They are not
> enough to see what is of real value. A car is just a machine.
Machines always
> break down eventually... as do so-call 'Civilizations.' Look at what
> happening to England. Bloody shame it's turning into a Third World
> And you know that the Industrial Revolution started there, right?" >
I agree with the general sense of this message, but what do you mean "look at what is happening to England"? JJ - a worried Englishman.