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Re : Re: Conculturish question Re: OFF : updated tunu grammar

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Date:Tuesday, October 26, 1999, 18:39
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 26/10/99 18:59:15  , Paul a =E9crit :

> OFF: How real do other people find the "dilingo effect" to be? How linked=
=20 is=20
> it > to Sapir-Whorf? Is there anything else that produces it as consistently? > =20 >
reduplication - whether full or partial - has been a natural feature of sumerian and is still in all austronesian, chinese, malayo-polynesian and many african languages. for instance, full reduplication is consistently used in japanese, indonesia= n=20 and khmer to show : - plural - frequency, duration - mimicry, identity - intensity the interesting thing is that depending on the meaning of the reduplicated word, you hardly fail guessing what reduplication means. i'm sure you would guess what these mean : girl-girl hard-hard to run-run to hit-hit to visit-visit to be girl-girl mathias