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Re: Word ordering

From:Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>
Date:Friday, August 23, 2002, 23:07
Peter Clark <peter-clark@...> korte:
> So are > there any natlangs (or conlangs, for that matter) that have a
> difference in order between transitive and intransitive sentences?
I once did a conlang that used SV for intransitive sentences and VOS for transitive sentences, except I gave up on it before I started working on the vocabulary. It also has 18 noun cases, 4 numbers (singular, dual, triple, and plural), and 10 verb tenses. No wonder I gave up on it :-) Robert Wilson (Elentirno Pereldar) ( ><(((> ><(((> <)))>< ><(((> ><(((> I yessessë Eru ontanë Menel ar Cemen. I yessessë ëa Quetta ar Quetta né as Eru ar Eru né Quetta. "Ananwa," eque erye, "i ilúvë ná carmë Eruva. Ilyë nati nar tanwi Erullo."