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Re: Auto-Segmenting Engelang (was REQUEST: Engelang?)

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Thursday, June 9, 2005, 1:01
Patrick Littell scripsit:

> 5.) This one's odd, but kinda interesting. Instead of requiring that some > phonemes are only in roots and others only in affixes, have counter-harmony > of the sort that Julia & I were discussing regarding Itzaj. For an example, > require that > -- Roots contain either only front vowels or only back vowels. > -- All derivational suffixes are harmonic with the root. (Front for front > roots, back for back roots.) > -- Every word has a single-syllable inflectional suffix that is > *counter-harmonic* with the root. (Back for front roots, front for back > roots.) This is at the very boundary of naturalism, of course, but harmonic > suffixes are common and counter-harmonic ones attested.
My language xuxuxi used a close variant of this scheme for its multisyllabic content words. All syllables after the first were harmonic with it, whereas the last syllable was antiharmonic, according to the following rules: first other last harmony type ===== ===== ==== ============ a e or o i or u low e or i a, e, or i o or u front o or u a, o, or u e or i back -- posting via web interface