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reciprocals and reflexives in rodnús

From:Fabian <fabian@...>
Date:Monday, July 10, 2000, 21:09
> What are other ways that con- and nat-langs make such distinctions? > Joe Mondello
Demuan reflectives and reciprocals are done with pronouns. binde/bender is reflective, and subinde/subender is reciprocal. yes, these words are very closely related. the second item in each pair is used with plural subjects. wing motex binde kot He is holding his (own) cat. wing motex winde kot He is holding his (someone else's) cat. swing motex binder kot They are holding their (own) cats. swing motex subinder kot they are holding each other's cats. wing motex binde would mean he is holding himself - obvious nonsense, but teh analogy would hold for verbs where that makes sense. -- Fabian Flappity, floppity, flip The mouse on the mobius strip; The strip revolved, The mouse dissolved In a chronodimensional skip.