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R: Re: R: Re: Swedish/Norwegian/Danish

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 29, 2000, 9:43
Oskar wrote:

> >From: Mangiat <mangiat@...> > >Subject: R: Re: Swedish/Norwegian/Danish > >Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 08:22:39 +0200 > > >Kontinentalisk: Swedish orthography + Dutch pronounciation + Nynorsk > >vocabulary > > Dutch pronunciation!?! Funny suggestion, but I don't find an abundance of > uvular fricatives to be particularly Scandinavian. I'd go for
> orthography + Swedish pronunciation + Nynorsk vocab.
Yes, but Dutch pronounciation is said to be the funniest... not everyone speaks with a potato in the throat! And then i prefer Swedish orthography... ya know, I don't particularly like all those Æ's and Ø's : )
> >Insularisk: Icelandic orthography + Faeroese pronounciation + Norse > >vocabulary > > Norse vocab? What's that? :) > I'd say Icelandic orthography + mediated Icel./Far. pronunciation + "Norse > vocab" (mediated?)
Old Norse... which I think is 99% the same as modern Icelandic. BTW, I heard that Faeroese affricatizes /k/ and /g/ to /tS/ and /dZ/. Is it true? Strange for a Germanic language.
> > >Sounds cool! > > It does. I'd like to engineer some of it, especially the "insularisk"
> I'd rather call "eyjamaal".
-Eyja- meaning -islands'- (gen. plur?) and -maal- -language? Cool, yeah! Luca
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