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THEORY: Conlanging as reverse Sapir-Whorf?

From:Paul Bennett <paul.bennett@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 24, 1999, 11:13
I've been talking off-list with Rob Nierse about the Gbwia version of the relay.
We got onto the subject of understanding other peoples' conlangs, based on
shared experience of having to explain far more than we had thought would be
required to the person who followed us on the relay.  We realised (I think) that
the features of each of our conlangs had some degree of intrinsic "rightness"
and/or "obviousness" within our own mind.

I started thinking about Sapir-Whorf (we dont need to discuss the valididty of
it -- we've only recently been through that game -- it's just a handy label for
a phenomenon that exists, to a greater or lesser extent, within various scopes).
I've come to the theory that conlanging express the exact reverse of this
theory; i.e. "The way one thinks effects the type of conlang one produces".
There's something bigger and deeper lurking there, but I'm only peripherally
aware of it and certainly lack the terminology to describe it adequately.

Anyone care to jump in and help describe/refine/refute this?

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