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counting things (was: Sound changes causing divergence...)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Friday, January 6, 2006, 5:47
I wrote:
> This is not unlike the Indonesian/Malay system (and I think widespread in > Asia). Only the words with se- 'one' are written as one word: > > se/ekor (tail) animals > se/lembar (cloth) flat, sheet-like things > se/buah (fruit) round things in genl; also, generic for almost everything > nowadays (houses, cars...) >
Further to this, here are the counters in Buginese (South Sulawesi, Indonesia, about 3-4million speakers); these are from the 1875 grammar. (e for schwa, é for [e]) For people: tau (person) (And I forgot Ml/Indon. orang, very important) aju ~kaju for animals, also for pcs. of cloth peppa? (reed sp.) for long thin things paréwangang (equipment) for sets of things bakkareng (open) for spreadable things like mats batu (stone) for fruits, coconuts but also houses, chairs; generic? bollo (pluck) for flowers tenrong (hang on/down) for certain garments and personal ornaments rutungeng (collapse) ??? for a necklace in the only ex. labuwang (set) for bamboo fish-traps in the ex. lampa? (sheet) for paper, sarongs, sheet-like things lisé? (seed) for seed-like things, fruits, jewels (Ml/Indon.: biji for this) olowang (prow) for boats and a couple others where I can't make any sense out of the Dutch or the exs. :-(((