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C. Cornomorus, to finish this fight...

From:Robert Jung <robertmjung@...>
Date:Sunday, December 14, 2003, 22:01
Costentin Cornomorus,

Now I know I misspelled your name. Sorry.

Our argument tho'...:

I am a pro-American Canadian as far as the people go. As the government goes, I
consider it to be a stupid bully, as most of the world thinks, too. I like
American people, but not government. And I think anything bad that happens to
American people is bad; because I think the American government is evil, not
the average citizen.

[BTW, I have never heard of an 'honest' or a 'good' politician. So now you could say
I hate all politicians no matter who they are.]

Are you a pro-Bush or Republican American? If you are, I am sorry to realize that
since it furthers my conviction that you are a bit crazy - unable to recognize
other people's opinions and look at them to see if they have any factual, real
validity - not emotional.

A few people have posted about politics already - Roger Mills ('anti-Sanskritism
and more') and, if you check the archive, a few/several people in September
2001, and doubtlessly others.

Now this argument is over, unless you wish to respond to what I have just said.
Then it won't end until we reach some sort of agreement, and when, if I am
right, you are a bit crazy as I have explained above. And that's extremely
apparent from what you think; and if this is true, I hereby declare not to
discuss politics - or anything else - with you. And you'll be just happy with
that, eh?

Have fun thinking up new sarcastic and cold things to say about your enemies,