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Week 1 Exercise (belated)

From:John L. Leland <countsirjehan@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 6, 2003, 21:45
Week 1 Exercises

My thanks to Tever for posting this, as it was originally posted before I
John Leland

1. I thought
Seba wivajo.
I (past) thought

2. I am thought about.
Seba-che vajo-si.
I-about thought-am.

I think about many things.
Seba fugefe ha-fe-che vajo.
I many things-about think.

2. I am planning.
Seba *vevajo-mi.
I beyondthinking.
I planned.
Seba wivajo.
I(past) planned.
I am planned.
Seba vevajo-si.
I planned-am.

I plan to go to town today.
Seba sezawa-me fibasa-de vejo-gi vevajo.
I today-in town-to go-to plan.

3. I will go by the low road.
Seba ni vejohana-le vejo-vi.
I low road-through go-will.

4. I took my warmest cloak.
Seba seba-ye fugepi *fibate wifebo.
I my very warm bigclothing took (with).

5. I stumbled on the road.
Seba vejohana-te *wipevejo.
I road-on (past)against went.

6. The wind was fierce.
Ra fugebi.
Wind very fierce.

7. It snapped my cloak.
Se ha seba-ye fibate *wizefuro.
This thing my cloak (past) nowgreatlyblow.
NOTE: the verb here is specifically snap/sharply blow in the wind.

8. I am feeezing.
Seba *rijo-mi.
I froze.
Seba wirijo.
I am frozen.
Seba rijo-si.

My ears are freezing.
Seba-ye hloja-fe *rijo-mi.
My ears freezing.

9. I think they have become ice.
Seba veha-fe rima wijo-si.
I think they ice made-were.

10. I arrive at the inn half dead.
Seba vejobasa-de thy wono-i wivejo.
I inn-to half dead-adj. came.