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Re: New Conlang

From:Jim Grossmann <steven@...>
Date:Saturday, February 1, 2003, 21:55
1.      Your "beginning" aspect;  is that the same as inceptive aspect?

2.      Presentation of vowels:   I understand it, but have some small points:

The phrase "as in" implies "spelled as in," so these phrases confused me a

"ih" as in "him,"
"ah" as in "father,"
"ae" as in "ate"
"ai" as in "bye"
"ao" as in "cow"

May I suggest the following?

"i" as in "him,"
"a" as in "father,"
"ee" as in "bee,"
"ai" as in "aisle,"
"ao" as in "Mao"

Also, remember that English /o/ is realized as a diphthong [oU] in English.
Identifying your new conlang's "o" as the vowel in English "go" implies that
it should be grouped with the diphthongs.
Is that what you want?

3.      At this level of description, you might also want to include some notes
on reflexive & reciprocal constructions, and describe equivalents to English
constructions with copulas and existential verbs.

4.      I like this grammar because it is so straightforward.   Somehow, I
picture it developing into a conlang that could be practical for writing