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USAGE: Fänyläjikyl Inglyx

From:Roland Hoensch <hoensch@...>
Date:Monday, December 6, 1999, 20:41
F=E4nyl=E4jikyl Inglyx [Phonological English]


Yes, it looks absolutely horrendous.  But, IMHO, it is phonological to an
extent less then dictionaries list it, but more than English currently do=

Any thoughts?  Has anyone else tried to devise a phonological spelling
system for English?  Maybe one that looks a bit better?  With another
script?  Cyrillic, maybe?  I think I myself shall try something on the

And to give an example and let people be able to figure out the various


=CFes, it luks ebsolutli horendys.  B=E4t, IMHO, it iz f=E4nyl=E4jikyl tu=
ekstent les dhen dikxyneriz list it, b=E4t mor dhen Inglyx kyryntli d=E4z.

Eni th=E4c?  Hez eniw=E4n els tra=EFd tu divajz a f=E4nyl=E4jikyl speling=
 sistym for
Inglyx?  M=EB=EFbi w=E4n dhet luks y bit betyr?  Widh en=E4dhyr skript?
Syrilik, m=EB=EFbi?  A=EF think =C4=EF ma=EFself xel tra=EF samthing =E4n=
 dhy lettyr.

End tu giv en egzempyl end let pipyl bi =EBbyl tu fig=EFyr aut dhy veri=EF=


The (DZ) is a place-holder... I am yet to figure out what letter or
combination to use for the (DZ). C is "ts", =EF is "y" as in yellow, x is
"sh", j is "j" as in james, and y is schwa.

Obviously the above is biased by my own dialect of English, but
ideally the 'official' spelling if ever such a system was implemented
would be derived from the national dictionary.

Any thoughts?