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Interesting affixes

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, February 24, 2000, 10:49
I had been working on Saalangal affixes pertaining to nouns/verbs, and I
started to think of affixes that would be interesting at least to myself.

They are:

-re- verbal infix for expressing phenomena: iiresaw - it rained.
Generally, no trigger affix is used when this affix is used, unless there
is an object: Iiresawum esan - it rained on (to) me, Iiresawin ka esan -
it rained on me.

-mun-, -muna- verbal noun infix for non living doers of roots: pamunanggol
- news paper (the thing that lets (things) be known), as opposed to
anupanggol - someone who lets (things) be known (town cryer, a gossiper),
yatpanggol - one whose job it is to let (things) be known (newscaster,

-chi- infix relating to a theory or concept. This is kind of esoteric in
my opinion. kuchingga - the theory of law (social). The use of this
suggests to me the Saalangal are deep thinkers :).

Anyway, I was thinking of adding a few in just for fun that allow some
concepts and terms to be one word in Saalangal, but are only defined in a
whole phrase in English. I'm not too sure of what they would be just yet.


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