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Re: [lojban] Re: New LCS podcast/blog; contributors wanted

From:Brett Williams <mungojelly@...>
Date:Saturday, February 14, 2009, 19:59
On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 2:04 PM, Philip Newton <philip.newton@...> wrote:
> Since Lojban has a six-vowel system, I would have thought that there > would be a bit of latitude or room for allophonic variation in the > vowels -- for example, to pronounce /o/ as [o] or [O], /a/ as [a] or > [A], etc.
Lojbanists are surprisingly picky about their vowel sounds. As a sloppy-vowelled 'merkin it's been frustrating to me, over the years, to for instance record a whole story and then the only detailed comment I get is a critque of some of my "y"s. :) I believe that [O] for "o" and [A] for "a" are allowed variations, but they're somewhat nonstandard. [A] I think I might hear occasionally, but I don't recall ever hearing many [O]s (though I could be wrong, I'm a terrible phonologist). Lojban has a sense of two different levels of properness: There is a range of allowable variation, within which [A] and [O] are surely included, but there is also a shared vision of an ideal form, a one proper way from which all else is deviation. BTW all of my comments here are descriptive, not prescriptive. I personally enjoy when people speak Lojban with different accents! I always encourage people to speak Lojban "cilce" (wildly, untamed). But Lojban has a long, proud tradition of pickiness. ;) <3, la stela selckiku