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OT: Perl is good for Conlang :)

From:John-Emmanuel <jokerhand@...>
Date:Friday, January 4, 2002, 13:32
I would just like an opportunity to say that Perl is a fantastic
(programming) language for conlangers.  There are heaps of modules around
for dealing with both real and conlangs (Mark Rosenfelder's Verdurian, for
example), and writing your own programs is a cinch.
For instance, I wrote my own program to generate words for my upcoming
conlang, and it could generate the words in the CV patterns that I wanted,
apply basic transformations to make sure the words were pronouncable, and
even romanise the spelling to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye:

randomword -> transformed -> romanised
1. Rom -> Rom -> rhom
2. Djet -> Djet -> dhiet
3. çLuLT -> LuLT -> lhuhlth
4. blóM -> blóM -> blóhm
5. flóR -> fLóR -> flóhr
6. bRaN -> pRaN -> prahn

If anyone would like, I can post the short program that did all this, and/or
the details of my new conlangs phonology and/or romanisation.....

Thus ends my babble of the day :)

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