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Re: Sandhi in Kayasanoda?

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 20, 2002, 2:36
Klint sekalge
> --But it's not just the "-hi" which forces preceding > stress; it's any "h", anywhere in the word. I don't > know how natural that is, except that, when I tried to > pronounce the words, that's the only way it came out. > I think perhaps I overstress the "h", and the extra > air needed develops out of the preceding vowel, > because I have so few consonants that "h" is important > enough to need to be very distinctly heard.
That doesn't matter for whether it's sandhi or not. There are at least two h's to my mind. One is an "unvoiced vowel" (that's what I call it, at least), but you have the consonant. Sometimes, I use h as a null consonant, but sometimes it's as heavy as yours.
> BTW: How many of you focus on the spoken part of your > langs, and for how many is it a strictly written > exercise?
I write. I'm a writer. I can also speak. Therefore, I can speak in my languages as easily as I can write in them.
> Also, all the positive comments I'm getting on > Kayasanoda are a real encouragement. This being my > first go at this sort of thing, I appreciate hearing > compliments from people who know what they're doing.
It looks like your language is wonderful. My first attempt was horrible (the abscence of a phonology might have been a bad idea), but you've nailed it. Ta kardut deina. Have peace.