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My first message.

From:Mario Malaguti <mario-malaguti@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 4, 1999, 18:03
Hi everyone,
my subscription to this list has been accepted from last 26 July.
Then I am a fortunate reader of your messages and I try to understand the
spirit of them.
Here the English language prevails.
I must decide to use me English that I have known since 1957 and that I
avoid instinctively since use it, without any particular reason.
From a year I have discovered and I use interlingua and I am a lot of good
with interlingua that, for my culture, it is near language so much to my
mother tongue, a dialect of Veneto in Italy, as for the English language.
In short, I believe to discover that interlingua, the English language and
my dialect, have some affinities, that first, I didn't think that they
I am working these pages very hard in these days
and perhaps they are my better presentation for the moment.
Well found and a cordial hi - ciao,
Mario Malaguti
Strada Bibano, 9 - 31100 Treviso (Italy)