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Re: Prevli: a question

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Sunday, October 21, 2007, 19:24
Quoting Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>:

> I'm considering having various verbal derivations ~moods-- some or all of: > desiderative 'want to vb.' > inchoative 'become vb/adj' > inceptive 'begin to vb' > causative 'cause to vb.' (perhaps to include caus.+incho. 'cause-become > ..' -- or not?) > coercive 'make/force s.o. to vb' > > and two whose names I'm not sure of-- > obligative 'must/ have to...' > debitive 'ought/ should...' > (a little googling tells me that "debitive" in Latvian at least is must/have > to...) > > Whether to use prefix/suffix, or compound with relatable lexical items-- not > yet decided (more morphophonemics, yay!!). Some may eventually be better > done periphrastically..... > > Any others I might consider??? I thought there was a rather extensive post > about these terms in the Listserv archive, but don't seem to have found it.
Tairezazh has a series of postverbal modal particles, which I for some reason decided to find latinate terms for the lot of. The below list may perhaps serve as some inspiration, altho some of the terminology may be idiosyncratic: Interogative; marker fe; turns the verb's sentence into a yes-or-no question; eg Seno ðek fe? "Did he go?". Potential; marker fiks; indicates ablitity of carrying out the verb's action; eg Seno ðék fiks "He can go, he is able of going". Debitive; marker gez; indicates that the subject should do something; eg Senen ðék gez "They should go". Obligative; marker koi; indicates that the subject needs to do something; eg Seno ðék koi "He needs to go". Subjunctive; marker lep; indicates irrealis or hypotheticality; eg Tse sena ak lep ated "If she were here". Permissive; marker skei; indicates that the subject is allowed to carry out an action; eg Ša raig skei "You may eat". Necessitive; marker tsin; indicates that the subject must do something; eg Sena ðék tsin "She must go". Desiderative; marker zent; indicates a wish to carry out the verb's action; eg Sena ak zent ated "She wanted to be here". Andreas