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'Stallion' in Japanese

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Thursday, March 4, 2004, 0:46

Does anyone know any Japanese reading of the Unicode characters 4B78
and/or 4B98?  They are stallions, the former possibly being an adult,
the latter a young one.  According to Unihan.txt, the former is
pronounced 'fu4' in Mandarin (just like 'father'), the latter either
'er2' or 'ni2' or 'pai4' or 'po2'.

If you want to have a look at them, I copied the characters from the
chart and put them here:

(Maybe 'tane uma' is Japanese for something like 'stallion', but I'm
searching for a single character word.)



Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>