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From:Rachel Klippenstein <estel_telcontar@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 25, 2003, 2:26

I recently started making a website for my conlangs.
Its address is:

I'm entirely new to the website-making business, so
please let my know if anything doesn't work... but
don't hope for anything fancy.

So far, I have information about 3 of my dead conlangs
(and one live one):(1) my first one, which I worked on
when I was about 10 or 11 (which I just last week
discovered 8 words in that I didn't know about, but
which I could only find in a list without tranlations
arrgghh!); (2)One I invented for a day in
collaboration with my younger siblings, just by
talking non-english; (3) A language I invented in
connection with my imaginary world.  I abandoned the
language, but the world is the same one Old Starrish
exists in.  Old Starrish is at a much earlier period
of history, though.  I started inventing the
background and history for the "present" of the story
I was making for this world, then got so caught up in
the history, I abandoned the former "present".

The phonology of my conlang with whistles - "pitaWiSa"
 (human-WiSa) is also there, but no grammar or


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