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Re : Re: Universal Translation Language

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Date:Monday, May 31, 1999, 19:13
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 31/05/99 14:27:29  , Ray a =E9crit :

> Personally, I do not see how machines will manage translation of literatur=
> unless they become truly intelligent. =20
the chief of the french automatic translation programme i interviewed=20 (Maurice Gross) was very sarcastic about the failure of the european=20 programme EUROTRA (which cost billions to eurotaxpayers) but quite confident=20 that within 30 years the main lexies of french and english will have been=20 listed and good translation made possible betwixt both languages. he defined=20 lexies as irreductible concepts expressed either by phonemes such as words,=20 compound words ("chair leg"), integrated PoS ("porte-manteau") or even=20 "fixed" sentence patterns ("ce n'est pas sans une certaine =E9motion que....= "=20 or "do you want to come to my place for coffee ?) etc. he told me lexies mus= t=20 be reckoned within sentences. so they are computing all sentences of some=20 daily newspapers for years and chase the lexies. he estimated the number of=20 basic lexies to some 100,000 and expected a similar number in both french an= d=20 english. he told me : "i won't see myself the achievement of that task, but=20 you will" (he's 50 or so and i'm 30). I know that in AI circles the
> question of whether our present high-speed & very efficient morons will > ever achieve anything like real intelligence is the substance of argument=
> & flames - and quite irrelevant on this list IMHO.
i feel that artlangers are best able to make an ial because they can write=20 poetry. poets know and mix words according to all shades of their complex=20 meaning. they instinctively know every meaning of each single word and all=20 meanings you can conjure up by pairing them. Mathias